What’s Happening in the E-Cig World?

MATTHEWS, NC – In the past month, the internet has been rather riddled with a surplus of information, satisfying or not, on the sudden onset of vaping illnesses. 

The first outbreak of a lung illness related to vaping was reported on August 24, 2019 by Illinois health officials; the second report was reported in the first week of September by Oregon health officials. The Oregon patient had vaped with marijuiana oil, resulting in a serious illness. The following day, Indiana’s public health agency topped off the week by announcing a third death related to a vaping illness. 

Now, there are a total of 530 cases in 33 states that federal and state health authorities are investigating related to lung illnesses of people who have smoked e- cigarettes. 

These lung illnesses, however, have often been caused by chemical use in the e-cigarette; many patients reported having used an e-cigarette containing cannabidiod, popularly known as CBD. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, patients who have since contracted a lung illness have reported experiencing coughing, shortness of breath, or chest pains before they had been hospitalized. While most victims of lung illnesses who have since died are adults, many victims are young, once again calling attention to e-cigarette use of younger people. 

Proposed as a safer alternative for people to quit smoking, and instead being promoted with fun flavors and a smooth market, e-cigarettes, namely JUULS, have effectively drawn the attention of those younger than 25. 

With heightened paranoia over vaping and the health consequences that may be associated, more attention is being drawn to the phenomena of JUULing. The one notable head that was turned was that of the Food and Drug Administration who issued a warning letter to JUUL Labs on Monday, September 9. 

The main issue at hand that the FDA addressed is  JUULs marketing techniques. The letter charges JUUL Labs for illegally selling its nicotine vaping devices, such as pods containing nicotine, as safer than cigarettes. In the end, the FDA threatened to fine and seize the company’s products if they do not comply and correct their marketing. 

Indefinitely, there will be much more information revealed and many more incidents revolving around E-cigarettes, vaping, and JUULing, so there are many more articles on this topic to come. 



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