Women’s Basketball

MATTHEWS NC. – The CCS women’s basketball team has been working hard throughout the offseason to improve their skills. Last year, the team had seven players, but this year the roster has grown to twelve. Head Coach Da’Charles Battle looks forward to more productive practices with a group of girls who are committed to the team. 

Despite the small team, the 2019 squad made it to the second round of the state playoffs.  The team hopes to make it even further this year. Assistant Coach Caroline Parsons says the team aspires to be, “stronger and more well-developed,” this year. 

Another change from last year’s team is not only the size but also the age of the players. 

The majority of players for the 2018-19 team were freshmen and included a couple of middle schoolers. This year there are freshmen, sophomores, and one junior. Freshman Olivia Boyce expects the team to be much improved.   “We work hard, motivate each other, and push one another to be better,” Olivia said. 

This team is determined to finish stronger and better. Their hard work all year will show on the court during the 2019-2020 season. Coaches Parsons, Battle, and Holmes push the athletes to work hard and grow in confidence that the team will reach new heights this season.

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