STEM Teams Head to Denver

Matthews NC- On November 21st, members of the CCS STEM teams will be headed to Denver for the 35th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research

At the conference, both STEM teams will present previous experiments which were created by past teams and have already been experimented on the International Space Station. The 2019-20 teams, headed by seniors Zan Scarfato and Jackson Stipp, will also be learning from scientists who will review the teams’ current experiments set to launch on February 20. 

“They are going to be [critiquing] us on how we put it together and what we could have done better,” said senior STEM team member Ivan Basora.  The scientists advise the team on ways they can make their experiments more applicable and also appealing to scientists.

Senior Zan Scarfato said that he is most excited for the banquet and keynote speaker, who will talk about how space research benefits society. “I am also excited to grow and learn with my team and see how we apply what we learn in this year and our future experiments,” said Zan.

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