Passion Kabwe

MATTHEWS, NC- A star on the court and on the field, Passion Kabwe is making a name for herself at Carmel in the athletic department.

Passion and her family are originally from Zimbabwe, Africa. At three years old, Passion and her family moved to Raleigh, NC. The Kabwes then moved to Charlotte, where Passion attended Brookstone School before joining CCS her freshman year.

Since her dad was a professional soccer player and now coach, it is no surprise Passion followed suit and grew a love for the game of soccer.

In the spring, Passion will play her second season on the women’s varsity soccer team. “I miss playing with the team and am looking forward to team bonding this upcoming season,” said Passion.

Passion is also a member of the women’s tennis team. When asked about which sport she favors most, she said, “Soccer has been since forever because of my dad and really, my whole family… I am the first person in my family to branch out from soccer and play another sport; however, as for which I like more, I’d say it’s equal.”

Passion aspires to play both soccer and tennis at the collegiate level.

Passion’s greatest influence is her dad. “He teaches me things in life and in sports… he (sic) always capitalizes on making right decisions and playing hard every day,” she said.

Passion Kabwe is a determined individual who has nothing but green lights ahead because of her love of sports, desire to learn and the drive to work hard.


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