What Number are You? The Enneagram Test

MATTHEWS, NC – I was never one to hop on the Enneagram bandwagon, and I had tuned out the constant chatter and the “what number are you?” questions that surrounded it.  I wondered why this personality quiz was so popular, so I decided to take the quiz for myself and the accuracy was astounding. 

Although the standard Enneagram quiz taken by the average person is quite simple, it was not always this way. The creator of the Enneagram system was Oscar Ichazo, a native Bolivian, who formulated the method in the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s. Ichazo’s system was more complicated than the quiz found on the Enneagram Institute’s website. Thankfully, the simpler version of this system makes it accessible for anyone who is interested.

The Enneagram system identifies nine different basic personality types.  

I decided to take the quiz and find out what “number” I am. 

The test asks questions and allows the tester to select whether the phrase or question relates to them fully, partly, or not at all. Some examples of questions or phrases a tester may see are: “I often refrain from acting, as I’m afraid of being overwhelmed,” “I want to win the approval of those in authority, sometimes even when I don’t really like them,” “I plan the next adventure before the current one is finished” etc.

The Enneagram quiz is more than just an entertaining quiz to complete in your free time.  It can be useful in the school setting. By understanding your personality type, you allow others an opportunity to successfully work with you.  Understanding other personality types can also be a useful tool in finding ways to get along with people you would normally dislike or have trouble getting along with because it helps cultivate empathy. 

Although understanding the Enneagram system can be helpful in many situations, it is important to remember that the Enneagram is a humanly constructed system. There will never be a quiz that can perfectly describe a person; therefore, one should not expect guidance from it for important life decisions. This quiz should be used only to better understand yourself and some of your positive or problematic characteristics.

If you’re interested in finding out what your Enneagram type is visit: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/ 

By the way, my Enneagram type is a type four wing five (usually seen as “4w5” on Enneagram websites) I found that to be shockingly accurate. The Enneagram personality test is not what I expected. This test didn’t just tell me surface level facts about who I am in comparison to other personality tests on the internet. It dissected my innate qualities and helped me better understand how to use my strengths and weakness for the greater good.


Gracie is in her junior year here at Carmel Christian School and has been attending for practically most of her life. She is seventeen years old and her free time is spent with friends. She has always loved to write, so being in Journalism is the perfect fit for her.

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