Inspiring Hope


Maddi Hanks, Editor

Molly Dorminy, CCS sophomore, has led the student body throughout the past year and has continued to impact students by sharing a message in chapel. Molly came to Carmel her freshman year after previously being homeschooled for the extent of her school career.

Molly considers herself to be very extroverted and deriving her joy from people. “I can enjoy myself in a room full of people I don’t know. I love learning about people.”

Molly has a clear gift as a musician and considers music to be a form of therapy. She says that lyrics pop into her head at any moment and will write them down on whatever paper is nearby. 

In five years, Molly sees herself in college and hopefully as an intern for a worship leader. She wants to experience everything while staying close to home. 

Molly acquires a lot of her inspiration from her role model Lauren Daigle. “I love how she tells stories before she sings her songs and knowing that there’s a meaning behind it. It makes me want to write meaningful songs.”

Molly recently shared an original song she wrote in chapel last week featuring different tragedies in her life. She was concerned about people not liking her song, but the overwhelmingly positive feedback has given her confidence to write and perform again.