Early Bird Gets the Worm


Photo courtesy of ABC11

Dany Nafatyuk, Editor and Webmaster

As the election approaches, questions have been raised in regards to the voting process. Absentee ballot voting has been available for some time now. Early voting, on the other hand, has only recently become available, starting October 15th and lasting until October 31st.

Before November 4th, any registered voter or eligible individual may cast a ballot at any early voting site in their county. This fast track voting differs from Election Day, where registered citizens must vote at their assigned precinct.

Registration is required and the deadline to register was October 9th. North Carolina does not offer registration on Election Day.

You can find early voting sites and schedules in your county with the One-Stop Early Voting Site Search.
You can also find out whether you are registered to vote by entering your information into the Voter Search tool.