The road to editor-in-chief


Elizabeth Poarch

Editor in chief, Elizabeth Poarch, exploring the streets of Charleston, SC.

Tyler Cox, Staff Writer

From a hopeful learner to an experienced writer, the highlights of Elizabeth Poarch’s journey through the journalism program prepared her for her current role as the first editor-in-chief of the Blue & Gold.

Three years ago, Elizabeth ignited her learning when enrolling in Journalism 1. “It was nothing like I had done in the past. It was a learning experience,” Elizabeth said.

Throughout her first year, Elizabeth discovered the valuable skills that the journalism program offered. Though she does not intend to pursue a career in journalism, she understood the significance of the new lessons that she was learning. Elizabeth was learning how to consume and analyze media as well as how to collaborate with a team. This realization, along with her relationship with Mrs. Dixon, kindled her interest in enrolling in Journalism 2 the following year.

“Mrs Dixon gets along with everyone. She makes everyone feel special, welcome and a part of the team,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth is very complimentary of Mrs. Dixon and the admiration is mutual. Mrs. Dixon is constantly remarking about Elizabeth’s leadership skills, which have made her successful in her role as editor-in-chief.

Elizabeth expressed that leadership skills are very essential, “It’s taught me to organize and delegate a group of people in a way that is best suited to their strengths, and that is something I hope to carry into my future career.”

The ability to collaborate with people who have different goals and views while also leading them in the right direction is also very important to her.

“My hope is to apply all of these valuable skills that I have learned in journalism to my future,” Elizabeth said.

Her optimistic attitude, ability to work with others and editing skills are what ultimately suits her to thrive in her position of editor-in-chief of the Blue & Gold.