The mask debate


Noah Reynolds, Staff Writer


Many people have debated the importance and efficacy of masks in stopping the spread of the COVID-19, especially since it has become such a polarized issue, but the evidence clearly points to their necessity in protecting others, especially the elderly and most at risk.

According to the CDC, 8 out of 10 deaths from COVID-19 reported in the U.S. have been adults 65 or olderThree other charts which show significant data, one that has case fatality rates by age from South Korea, Spain, China, and Italy, one from AARP that shows that over 95% of COVID-19 fatalities were 50+, and a final that shows COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases in California compared to the percentage of the population.

Obviously, there is room for scrutiny and there are nuances in this debate; young people are highly unlikely to have serious complications and there is a reasonable amount of government distrust.  However, saying the COVID-19 is a scam, is nothing or is fake is dangerous.  That is the reason it is still lingering and the reason 1.47 million have died worldwide.

Additionally, the masks are not about the individual wearing a mask, but about protecting those around him or her.  For the same reason, preventing COVID-19 from spreading is largely to help the elderly (or those at higher risk for whatever other reason) who will be affected, not those who are young and healthy.  Adults in the 30-39 (year old) age bracket, advocating for the comfort of their child at school who is in the 0-9 or 10-19 age brackets, are not considering the effects further spread of the virus will have on the elderly.  Neither group is affected greatly, but what about the child’s grandparents?

Jesus said in Luke 6:31, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”  If He was here, would He be wearing a mask?  If you were 82, would you want young people to be neglecting COVID-19?  How many people in that age group are in the news giving their opinion?  As objective as I can be, there is a perspective here that many people miss.  Feel free to interpret the data as you see it.

On a side note, confronting those who may think COVID-19 is a “scam”, what logic is there behind the theory that COVID-19 is a scam?  Who would benefit from that?  If the U.S. government, or anyone else who could potentially benefit, made a scam about this, why would the rest of the world agree to follow this scam?  The government has also been greatly damaged by the pandemic, spending trillions through the CARES Act and other coronavirus relief packages.