Krystal clear perspective


Alissa Martos

Senior Krystal Uzomba plans to attend University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall. She served on both Student Government Association and National Honor Society. She distinguished herself through her academic and service achievements.

Laura Beth Lynch , Staff Writer

Brimming with a contagious calmness and elegant poise, Krystal Uzomba, one of Carmel’s treasured seniors, humbly embodies academic excellence and has a passion for service, especially through her care for the student body.

Anyone who knows Krystal well is familiar with her keen intelligence and diligent attitude. Consistently challenging herself through numerous AP courses and leadership extracurriculars such as the National Honor Society and Student Government, Krystal shared that one key to her success has simply been being organized.

“I’m very much a type-A person, so I make lists for everything,” Krystal said, “If I set my goal and I keep it on the counter in sight; I can look at it and that’s my way of reminding myself.”

Krystal takes advantage of her type A personality to turn seemingly impossible accomplishments into realistic outcomes.

“Whenever I get the goal, just being able to look at the calendar and being like ‘that was unattainable at one point and I have it now,’” Krystal said, “that’s what motivates me to keep pushing myself to like other hard goals.”

This method has reaped an abundant harvest for Krystal, as she is now officially committed to furthering her academic career at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Krystal’s acceptance letter marked a momentous milestone in her high school career.

“Honestly, I would say that my defining moment was getting into Chapel Hill because the admissions rate is 20%. All the APs and all the tears were worth it; I actually did something with myself,” Krystal said.

Krystal plans to follow her childhood dream and follow in her family’s footsteps with her desired career.

“I want to be a pediatrician. My dad is an endocrinologist, and there are just a lot of medical field people in my family; I’ve always been surrounded by it,” Krystal said.

Becoming a pediatrician has always been the goal for Krystal, and with her love of science and enthusiasm for caring for others, it makes complete sense why she chose to pursue this path.

I’ve always been drawn to caring for people in any way that I can.”

— Senior Krystal Uzomba

“I’ve always been drawn to caring for people in any way that I can,” Krystal said, “There’s something fulfilling, even just volunteering, and I really like science, so I think it’s just a good combination of the two.”

Krystal has practiced her love of service and caring for others here at CCS ever since she was in seventh grade. Being an officer in Student Government Association has presented her with the opportunity to care for her grade as well as solve problems in the high school atmosphere.

“One year, someone told me ‘no one ever knows about the dance concerts, I wish they did,'” said Krystal. “I simply brought it up and now they like to talk about them a lot more. So the little things like that, that’s why I like being in student government.”

This dedication to the well-being of her peers and the school has made Krystal stand out as an incredibly thoughtful and intentional student. And even though some may see her as quiet and reserved, her voice still garners respect and influence and represents that not only the bold and outgoing make the changes.

“Even if I’m quiet, at least when you’re helping someone, you don’t have to be loud and you can still make your impact.”