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Josh Bhatt

Josh Bhatt, Managing Editor

Josh Bhatt, the only returning member of The Blue and Gold staff this year, is set to make a splash at Carmel. Aside from his position of managing editor for the newspaper, he also is heading up the school spirit for the high school.

Josh, senior, is looking forward to his future. Combining his love of travel with his knack for business, he wants to study international business with a minor in political science. Josh is still in the process of determining which school he will attend next year. 

Aside from his academic endeavors in preparation for college, Josh is partnering with Sloan Pettus as the school spirit officers for the 2023-2024 school year. Last year’s final “School Spirit SideShow” was one of Josh’s proudest moments: it was the culmination of his hard work and goals. Additionally, Josh is running on the Varsity XC team; it is his fifth year running and he has dropped his 5K time throughout the years.

For his third year of journalism, Josh is excited to return to The Blue and Gold as managing editor in collaboration with Ms. Muir-Taylor. After taking journalism with Jennifer Dixon sophomore year, Josh was inspired to apply his journalistic prowess to the school newspaper and has found success in the class.

Josh can be found drawing comics or watching TV when not cooking up his next big plan to keep Carmel Christian on its toes.

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Josh Bhatt